Weather & Rain Delays

Although held in high summer each year, inclement weather has been an integral part of the Wimbledon Championships experience. There are a number of strategies which assist the organising committee in dealing with the weather, and there are also strict rules pertaining to ticket refunds due to rain.

The addition of a roof to the two main courts has helped matters when bad weather threatens the latter rounds of the tournament. However, rain during the first week of the tournament still has the capacity to create serious disruptions and a backlog of games that test the endurance of both players and spectators.

Should the matches not be completed in the allotted timeframe of 13 days, the tournament can go over into the middle Sunday, and the Monday after the final Sunday – dubbed ‘People’s Sunday’ and ‘People’s Monday’. On these two days unrestricted seating is available at competitive prices so that the ordinary man can enjoy the spills and thrills of the show courts, thanks to the fickle Wimbledon Championships weather & rain delays.

Wet Weather Procedure

The courts are covered as soon as the championship referee has made his decision. They are often covered as a precaution on the advice of the London Weather Centre.

Play is resumed as soon as possible after the rain delay.

Players are officially allowed a 15-minute reprieve from the time the match is called, and their appearance on the court.

If the rain delay is 10 minutes or less, the players are not allowed to warm-up before resuming the match.

If the delay is 11-20 minutes, the players are allowed a three-minute warm-up period.

If the delay is 20 minutes or more the warm-up period is extended to five minutes.

Raincheck Policy

In 2001 a detailed raincheck policy was introduced to serve as an unequivocal guideline to ticket holders:

If there is less than one hour’s play the ticket holders will be refunded the amount they paid. The maximum refund will be the face value of the ticket.

Ground pass holders will be refunded in total should there less than an hour’s play on courts 2-19.

If there is more than an hour’s play, but less than two hour’s, the ticket holder shall be refunded half of what was paid for the ticket.

Only the original purchasers of the tickets will be eligible for refunds.

Tickets sold via the ballot in advance will automatically be refunded, but those who have purchased a ticket at the gates must return the ticket to: The Ticket Office, The All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club “Raincheck”, PO Box 98, London, SW19 5AE – for a full refund.

Tickets purchased at the Ticket Resale Kiosk are not eligible for a refund, and all proceeds will be donated to charity.