Equipped to Conquer: Women’s Tennis

Clothing and product endorsement in women’s tennis is big business. During the last several decades tennis courts have evolved into virtual modelling catwalks for the world’s top women’s tennis players. As the distinction between tennis stardom and fashion icon blurs, sport and designer labels are investing millions in the development of the tennis apparel and gear worn by the stars of the WTA.

Here’s a look at how five of the WTA’s finest kit-up when they take to the courts:

Ana Ivanovic

Racquet: Ana Ivanovic switches her tennis racquet as often as her tennis kit. However, she does show some loyalty to the Wilson brand of tennis racquets. As of May 2009 Ivanovic has been strutting her stuff with a Wilson RQiS 1 Tour XL racquet.
Clothing: Ivanovic began her tennis career endorsing Nike sportswear. However, the Serb has since been lured to the side of arch-rivals Adidas who now provide Ivanovic with her on-court tournament apparel.

Serena Williams

Racquet: Serena Williams sends her powerful ground strokes and serves over the net with the assistance of Wilson K Factor KBlade Team Racquets. The same racquets are used by Williams’ older sister, Venus.
Clothing: Serena Williams began her career endorsing Puma tennis apparel. The star has since switched over to Nike gear, which is responsible for designing the boundary-pushing outfits she wears for grand slam events. Williams also markets another fashion line – Aneres – which she owns.

Jelena Jankovic

Racquet: Jelena Jankovic uses a trademark white Prince O3 Speedport Pro Racquet when in action on the court. The Serbian star had previously used a red Prince O3 racquet.
Clothing: Jankovic endorses Reebok tennis apparel and shoes. Off the court, Jankovic endorses the Serbian designer label ‘Mona’ and markets her own range of clothing within the brand.

Maria Sharapova

Racquet: Maria Sharapova’s recurring shoulder problems have forced her to make use of a Prince O3 Speedport Black Longbody racquet. Previously Sharapova had used the Prince O3 White racquet favoured by Jelena Jankovic.
Clothing: Maria Sharapova earns a fortune in product endorsements each year. Being a fashion icon in her personal life as well, and a participant in numerous modelling assignments, Sharapova endorses Nike tennis apparel.

Daniela Hantuchova

Racquet: One of the games rising stars, Daniela Hantuchova has used racquets produced by several major manufacturers during the course of her career. Since May 2009, Hantuchova wields a Prince Ozone Seven Racquet.
Clothing: Hantuchova’s looks, combined with her ability on the court, earned her a product endorsement deal with Nike. The Slovakian wears a custom designed range of Nike tennis apparel for all tournament play.

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